Race-ism at the Games

By pattrice | 6th Aug 2008 | Filed under Column

This essay was originally published in March of 1994 as an OUT in Left Field column in the LGBTQ newspaper Between the Lines. OUT in Left Field ran from March of 1993 through January of 1995; Between the Lines was distributed throughout the state of Michigan, USA.

If the editors of Between the Lines ever want to get my column on time, they’ll have to come over to my house and destroy the television. Here I am as usual, way past deadline and outraged about something on the TV.

This time it’s the Olympics. I was all set to write about Tanya and Nancy when The Games themselves appeared on the screen. I couldn’t look away — it was like watching an accident in progress. From the opening ceremony, when South Africa was welcomed to the winter games without any mention of the international boycott which had barred it from previous games, to the patriarchal — OOPS, patriotic medal ceremonies…


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